EIFELWERK Butler Systeme GmbH presents your new electronic domestic servants

Energy savings and service within one's own four walls is on everyone's lips these days. Until now, the only available solutions have been, cost intensive BUS systems which can only be installed by a few experts. For this reason EIFELWERK Butler Systeme GmbH has developed a simple system which can be cost-effectively installed by every qualified electrician. Another great advantage of the Butler system is that, the products are in themselves energy-efficient. It is possible with a power consumption of only 5 watts, to control devices in your house via internet or even to receive alert messages.
There are three exciting new products in the Butler Range, each with an increasing level of flexibility and therefore control of your appliances.

Our range of new servants starts with the eServant with an internet interface. This product is able to independently control seven user-definable devices via internet. For example, it could inform you about the indoor and outdoor temperature at home and send event-driven alert messages. If the indoor temperature falls below 5°C, the eServant will automatically send an email to you, informing you early enough to avoid costly repairs caused through frozen pipes and flooding, simply through remotely turning on the heating early enough. In the case of a heating system failure, it can prompt you to call a repair engineer. If an event is registered at the alert input, you will can receive an Email or, providing the service is available from your Email provider; send you an SMS.

To further increase your flexibility why not combine your eServant with its partner the Servant. The Servant is able to time control eight more devices. Therefore giving you, five switching programs for every output are at your disposal. These are able to implement switch devices precisely each day to the exact second with the help of a real-time-clock. With the analogue inputs which are equipped with feedback it is possible to control heating, air conditioning units for example, to achieve the exact required temperature to the degree.

The flag ship of our Home Automation range of products is the all-round user friendly EW Butler. It is able to monitor and control all components in your house. It even has the capability of wireless integration. With the help of intelligent sensors, which can recognize your room presence (or non-presence), the unused rooms in your house will be shut down systematically to save valuable energy. Multimedia and Assisted Living features are also well within the capability of our highly flexible, easily integrated system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation, so that we can further explain and demonstrate how with the Butler Range of products we can make your house safer and more energy-efficient:  vertrieb@butler-systeme.de